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I wish the woman looked at me the way they do you! We really enjoyed your show. This group would do well in Las Vegas as they captivate everyone's attention from young to old! They perform like they enjoy each other and have been together for decades! Very professional!!
Howard Dawson -

Brent you are to @$%&%# sexy for your own good! Your concert was absolutely electrifying from start to finish! The girls in the office are now interested in country music thanks to you and your show! I know you don't know who I am but you did meet me and my gang! Take care you sexy cowboy! Muah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sasha Montrose -

Took my family to this guys concert because we had heard that he was an up and coming country artist. Well I have to tell you that everything we heard and read about this guy was not even close to how good he is in person! This guy should have already been on the charts if not at the top of the charts! Best show I have seen in years! When you read about him or here someone talk about the show it can't even begin to describe how energetic and great this guy and his group are! You can see he is very sincere to EVERYONE!! I purchased your cd and they said the new cd will be available in January of 2013 let us know so we can grab that one also! Best of luck to you and your band!
Bob & Stacey Howard -

Thanks for an awesome concert. My family really enjoyed it. You are an excellent entertainer and performer that clearly loves what he does. My kids are star struck by you and are singing your songs around the house! Thank you for a wonderful evening!
Jerod Smith and Family -

Thanks again for making our 9/11 event so enjoyable. I am one of the VIP guests that would like to remain anonymous for various reasons> The event you played for has had many years behind them but nobody has put on a show like that for this event. I am not sure the staff can pick good talent but they did this time!! I appreciate the casino inviting us to this event but they are not always so organized! I would like to see your whole concert I bet its a doozy! If the casino has the where with all to invite you back I will be there for sure! Your new anonymous fans!
Mr. Big Daddy -