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We heard and saw the pictures from Guitars For Vets. I was in the marines and I wanted to thank you for taking the time to support this awesome program. You can see the effect you had on these men and how your heart touched them deep! I have not been to your concerts but I have listened to your music and you are very talented. I will be looking for you and from a United States Marine thanks for your support! Semper-Fi Hoo-Rah!
Gina and Bob Kline -

Incredible concert last night at the Yucaipa Fouth of July celebration. We really appreciated the warm and kind words that you spoke. I can't believe that it was a free concert for the public. I am embarrassed as a resident of this city that more people did not show up for your show. Your concert was one of the best this city has ever seen and we go to most of them. When you came off stage to shake hands I was really very impressed because you treated everyone so special and it moved many of the people that have never heard of you. I know the word is out and you and your band are headed to great things in the future! We thank you for coming to our city and making us smile and move to your music.
Darin Hargrove -

Hey Brent nice talking to you today at NAMM. I hope things go well for you and the right doors open! You have the look, talk, and respect for the industry so I just imagine you will do great! Looking forward to this new album and catching up with you on the road. Take care Brent
Zeke Guinn -

Hi Brent we met you at your Fan booth and I just wanted to say that you make your fans feel very warm and fuzzy. Your humility is amazing and very endearing. You extended your kindness to all that stopped by and it was very noticeable. IAs I was waiting in line for you to sign my CD I watched you give an elderly woman extra attention and then I heard her say she had just lost her husband last week. You then grabbed her and gave this lady a bear hug and said Never Give Up! As she walked away she had tears in her eyes because you went out of your way to make her feel better. You may or may not have known that she was crying but you made her day! I just thought you would like to know that. Again thanks for your performance it was fabulous!
Patricia and Family -

Thanks for a wonderful performance!
Donna Jones Keyster -