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Thanks again Brent for an outstanding performance. You and your band stopped the foot traffic in their tracks and in this town that is not an easy thing to do! The guests were complimenting you guys all night long! You are a natural born Entertainer sir and very talented to boot!
Les at Fremont Street Las Vegas -

We were at your concert in Palm Desert Ca. Your show was very entertaining and your unique ability to interact with the crowd is truly amazing! My kids now look at you as some sort of Rock Star! After taking pictures with them and spending quality time with your fans they are now in love with you lol! You go the extra mile for everyone in the crowd and it really shows who you are and how special of a person you truly are! Good Luck and can't wait to here your songs on the radio!
The Gibsons -

Best country band in California I should know I am at the clubs all the time!! You guys are like the real deal! I think you should do some consulting with the wanna-b country bands out there coz you guys got it down!! I went to a place called the Ranch the other night not sure why they call it the Ranch coz it sure isn't country! You guys should go in there and do a concert. Let me know if you do.
John -

We were just talking about your show and its been over 3 months ago! We had some relatives from Michigan staying for a few days and the topic came up about country music. Michigan people are huge country fans so we told them about you. They said they had never heard about you. Jamie was telling them how much fun we had and how great you and your band sounded! I wish you guys were playing this week! Thought you would like to know you have new Michigan fans. We all love your web site and are looking forward to your Live album. By the way is that coming out soon? We understand you are a Sooner Fan we still like you!
Randy and jamie Linear -

The best show at Hummingbird Nest today by far. You put a smile on many faces because you were truly the real deal! Your country voice is very pure keep it up. I like the way you engage the crowd!
Brandon kersey -