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Brent thanks for coming up and supporting Big Bear Thanks You! The Mercury you were riding in was spectacular! I have seen that car before in some movie? We appreciate your talents and support on the mountain. Take care hope to see your show soon!!
Dennis Miller Big Bear -

FABULOUS musicians and band. VERY professional. Very entertaining. Get out of your seat and dance! The fiddler is MINE!!!
Mary South Coast Plaza -

I wanted to thank you Brent for taking the time to come out and play for our community. Your show was absolutely electrifying! I can safely say that you were at the top of the list and everyone I talked to were very very impressed with you and your band. I heard comments like he is very nice and appreciates his audience. The other artist, and I want mention names was good but did not deliver the punch that you were able to give us. We could have listened to you all night. Thanks again from Simi Valley fans.
Jim Atkins -

Thanks for a wonderful evening of family, fun, and great music! I have not been to a concert where the artist showed so much attention to the audience! When you ask for all the kids to come up to the stage we were surprised. When you ask them to sing a long we all were smiling as the kids thought this was the best thing ever! You are a GREAT entertainer! Thanks for making all of us feel so special!
Glenda Robinson -

Hi Brent we really enjoyed your show. Even though we were at our post we could hear the difference when you were on the stage. The crowd was unbelievable and the sound you guys were pumping out got everyone hopping. Thought you would like to know that people were really talking! Thank you
The Security at Simi Valley -