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Thanks for a wonderful show. The setting and music made it a night to remember. I am not a big fan of the new country, but really enjoyed the traditional flare you had in your music. You are a very good entertainer and you make your shows fun for everyone! Thanks again new Brent Payne fans! Oh we purchased 2 of your cds and they are great!
Sandra Kelly -

Your show at the Cave was fun and entertaining. Your sincerity when working with the crowd is very rare. You can tell that each person in the audience is special to you. I felt like part of a family concert what a delightful evening. Thank you for a great show! Hope you come back to Big Bear often!
John and Pat -

I am not sure who you know that gets you up here but one thing is for certain you bring excitement to this mountain and we appreciate your kindness and talent. There is another music venue in town called the Cave but they don't have it down to a science or quality. You would light that place up if you were interested in performing there. The sound and entertainment tonight was delightful. Hope you come back.
unknown -

This was really a very gorgeous setting from the authentic BBQ to the C &W band. The music and show were very professional and very talented! The singer had a real country sound to his voice and very nice to look at! I hope they have them back in the future!
Amy jurop Cygnet Theatre S .D. -

I wish the woman looked at me the way they do you! We really enjoyed your show. This group would do well in Las Vegas as they captivate everyone's attention from young to old! They perform like they enjoy each other and have been together for decades! Very professional!!
Howard Dawson -