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I was at your Palm Desert Show and me and my kids had a wonderful time! The rain almost kept us away but suddenly the sun came out and the day was gorgeous! Your violin player is fabulous! The train song was really good and my kids were screaming and yelling!! I hope you come back again because everyone I talked to were really impressed with The Brent Payne band! Thanks again!
Anne montgomery -

Brent we caught your show in Yucaipa and enjoyed the heck out of it. Man you are one great entertainer! My kids are still talking about the concert and the fun stuff you did with them. I am shocked that you are not number 1# on the radio stations because people love your music. T-Shirt Cannons wow!! You are a class 5 star act!!
Ed Sellars -

Great show! After our event let out we wondering around trying to find a direction togo and we found you! We caught every show last night. WOW!you guys are fantastic!!! Love the way you guys move on stage! The blonde is a nice touch to your group! Every song was very detailed and sounded phenomenal! Kisses to you cowboy!!
Darla wilson Down Town Fremont -

We were able to locate this man through Mr. Olson at the Silver Gate Yacht Club. The entertainment director could not say enough about Brent Payne and his band. We were able to hire them to do our charity event and what a crowd pleaser they were! I will have to say he was a true gentlemen and their music was electrifying and moving! We are very grateful to Mr.Olson and The Silver Gate Yacht Club for referring him to us! Thanks again!
Cygnet Theatre -

Thank you for the wonderful concert. My kids loved you and the things you threw into the crowd. My girlfriends thought you were amazing and loved the way you engage the crowd. You pull off the sleeveless shirt well and the girls around us were going crazy! You and your group put on a great show thanks again!
Christina Torres -