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Hi Brent I hope everything is ok. I really enjoyed your new cd. The energy around your show is amazing. You truly are a great entertainer as well as a singer/song writer! You have a very creative vision about each song and the way you deliver it. I listen to your songs all the time on the radio and hope you make it to Canada soon! Best of luck Brent
Samantha Stoves (Canada) -

Thanks for a wonderful show. The setting and music made it a night to remember. I am not a big fan of the new country, but really enjoyed the traditional flare you had in your music. You are a very good entertainer and you make your shows fun for everyone! Thanks again new Brent Payne fans! Oh we purchased 2 of your cds and they are great!
Sandra Kelly -

Sweet Lumpy's BBQ will never be the same! This is the first time I believe I have ever seen a show so energetic and fun! The singer was not only a wonderful musician, but made people laugh and then he brought the kids upon stage to sing a song! Truly a great entertainer and knows how to make the audience smile! This guy engages people to get involved all the time and for us it just made the night!!
Ross and Karen Nedbrite -

I wanted to say your song Now & Forever is truly a tear jerker! We have never met but I have seen you personally at the Hollywood Music Awards. You were actually the sexiest dressed man in the theater and very confident and extremely handsome. I wish you all the best as that song will take you anywhere you desire to go!
Tracy garman -

Thanks again for making our 9/11 event so enjoyable. I am one of the VIP guests that would like to remain anonymous for various reasons> The event you played for has had many years behind them but nobody has put on a show like that for this event. I am not sure the staff can pick good talent but they did this time!! I appreciate the casino inviting us to this event but they are not always so organized! I would like to see your whole concert I bet its a doozy! If the casino has the where with all to invite you back I will be there for sure! Your new anonymous fans!
Mr. Big Daddy -