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My friends took me out the other night to celebrate our engagement party! They know I love country but normally stay away from the club scene! I am originally from Nashville and miss the pure sound there. We went to a very upscale place in Anaheim a bit to pretentious for me but thats Ca. I think its halarious how most bands try to be something they are not! It seems the local bands try to imitate Jason Aldean. Look a likes and sound a likes and miss the mark drastically. I don't think he is very country to start with. That brings me to why I am on your site! I was working a charity event where you were performing. Because I love country I was betting my work-mates that you would be Bubble-gum country like most of Orange County! From the minute you walked on stage your stage presence and country timbre were obviously very different! I grew up listening to Bob Wills & The Texas Playboys and some of your songs had a traditional twin fiddle feel and then a tasty today country feel! I just wanted to tell you that your true southern country sound was noticed and appreciated. I bought your cd's from Amazon and they are very put together well. Your calender does not have any club dates on it? Are there places we can go to see you perform? Again being from Nashville you have got a great country sound but with energy! I will be checking back to your web site. Take Care
Barry Fighst -

Thanks for a wonderful show. The setting and music made it a night to remember. I am not a big fan of the new country, but really enjoyed the traditional flare you had in your music. You are a very good entertainer and you make your shows fun for everyone! Thanks again new Brent Payne fans! Oh we purchased 2 of your cds and they are great!
Sandra Kelly -

Fabulous concert. Thanks for your continued support in our city.
Mr.R -

We are country to the bone and live in horse country! My husband hates the country scene because he is very critical of the local groups out here. We were very surprised when we went out to eat to find this band performing in Old Town Temecula at Sweet Lumpy's BBQ! We have been there before but had no idea what we were going to encounter! This guy is a pro or if not he should be! He put on a 2 hour concert and left us all speechless! Great country music and awesome classic rock! Please let us know when you will be back or in the area!
Jim and Sarah Baker -

A brand new fan! Your cd is magnificent! Thanks again.
Terry Cook -