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Comments: the Big Bear Event was something to write home about. The food was great and the music was hard to describe electric, awesome, Brent really relates to his fans and takes time for pix and autographs for anybody that wants one.So if you didn't make that one get the next one on your calender you don't want to miss another one. diane
Diane -

I love your new cd Brent Bringin' The Payne Live! Me and my girlfriends love your music and other things?? Hmmm ok well hope to see you soon!
Shanon Taylor -

Purchased Now & Forever, Full Throttle, and Brent Bringin' The Payne Live. I am not sure why we have not heard of you because your music is unbelievable. The songs are so well written and have intense melodies and words. The WARNING label you put on the live cd was very creative and true! I have a copy in my car and find myself gaining speed and singing along! The way you speak to your audience makes me feel I am setting right there with you very very tasty my good man. Waiting for the next show so Bring On The Payne!
Lee and Barbara Krause -

Brent we caught your show in Yucaipa and enjoyed the heck out of it. Man you are one great entertainer! My kids are still talking about the concert and the fun stuff you did with them. I am shocked that you are not number 1# on the radio stations because people love your music. T-Shirt Cannons wow!! You are a class 5 star act!!
Ed Sellars -

Hell of a concert! You did a song at the end I believe called Humming Bird is that one of yours? If it is or isn't what an incredible arrangement and vocals! Dang that got my blood to pumping! You and your band are by far better than anything I have ever heard on this mountain. I hope you come back. We don't get talent like this up in Big Bear and it was refreshing. You should play at the Cave they have bands but not like this. They focus on Tribute bands but I think you would pack that place like you did the convention center. I will be looking for you in the future.
Bill -