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Honey you are to damn HOT!!!!! The woman around our area were going crazy as were we! Your music is wonderful and you have a great voice. We waited at your booth but had to leave so you owe us a KISS!!! Oh next time if you come back please play longer! New Brent Payne fans!
Stacy, Aubrey, Carla, Jenn -

I went to the Carrie Underwood, Hunter Hayes concert last night. She was good, him not so much. I kept thinking that Brent would have been so much better and entertaining, he should have been the one to open for her show. My friends were alaso thinking the same thing that I was about Brent. Best wishes DH
Diane Hannon -

Brent I want to thank you for taking the time out today to meet me and my friend. I was a guest at this event and what a fantastic, fun time we had! We were told the entertainment would be country and thought it might not be a fun evening! Well you proved me and everybody wrong! You had the attention of the entire place, even the waiters were dancing! Everyone was saying why couldn't this have been an evening event so we could enjoy the music! Thanks again! Oh and by the way VERY classy touch and very heart/felt to take a moment of silence for the Newtown CT. families I know they appreciate your gesture! You are a very humble man!
Jason Babott -

Great show yesterday! You are very talented and gifted! I purchased your song Now & Forever and it is the most beautiful song I have ever heard! Do you have a video of this song? If not I am thinking it will win a video of the year also! just saying! God Bless!
Coleen Anderson -

Thanks for a wonderful night we had such a ball! We came to dance but found ourselves in amazement of the show. The singer talked to us and made our table feel like we were special. He made everyone in the place feel that way. We really enjoyed his voice and the way he handled the audience very professional. We wanted to get his autograph but the line was to long but we did buy a CD.
Cathy, Margret, and crew -