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Hi Brent we met at the Hollywood Music Awards. I just wanted to let you know that your song was amazing and with your looks and charm there will be nothing to stop you. Good luck and I hope to see you live someday!
Jasmine hazlend -

I wanted to thank you for the cd and making my little boy so happy. In case you don't remember we saw you at the Rodeo Burger in Norco and my son was dressed like a cowboy and you came over and told him that was the best looking hat you had ever seen. He was smiling so big and then you came over and autographed a cd for him and that is all he talks about! What a nice thing to do and for no reason. I am not a big country music fan much but we are fans of yours now. I am sure the country music world is proud to have such a great representation as yourself.
Greg Rosinburger -

After experiencing the performance of Brent Payne live in Big Bear City, the Vice President for the Old Miners Association shared with the Board and several community members that those who were unable to attend, “missed the BEST entertainer this mountain has ever heard!� Also Dyan Anderson, who was recently re-elected as President of the association, was so impressed and received such an overwhelming amount of positive feedback that plans to have Brent Payne perform again are already underway.
Big Bear Old Miner's Association -

If you ever get a chance to see and HEAR Brent Payne perform live, just do it! You are in for a real treat.
Chuck -

Great show Great music Great voice
Sandy -