Los Angeles, CA – May 8th:
“Never Give Up” is a statement Brent has always written down when signing autographs for the fans year after year, making sure that they all know their dreams are within reach if they don’t give up! That statement is again coming true for Brent and his fans as he prepares for his first real time music video. We are very excited at Brent Payne Music that this has finally come to fruition.

Brent had a few country music legends give their opinion on the song that they feel would be the best to use for this incredible video. George Strait, Willie Nelson and last but not least Johnny Lee, picked Jukebox, hands down, as the song Brent should use for his first video. Check back here for updates on the progress of this exciting new video! This is a milestone in Brent’s music career and he couldn’t do it without the motivation and love he has for the fans! It is because of the fans that he has the drive to always deliver something new! Thank y’all so much and remember, Never Give Up!


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