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Ethusiastic Praise for Brent Payne!

Brent, a short note to express how happy we were with your energetic performance at the “Country Roads” fundraiser in Apple Valley.. You and the Boys definitely brought your “A” game! It was clearly evident that your primary concern was connecting with your audience. Everyone felt this connection as they were up dancing, singing and whooping it up.

We appreciated your extra efforts in setting up all the props and stage to set the scene for our event. We had no idea that you also make the visual environment so appealing for our guests It was like you were setting up for thousands!

Everyone, I mean everyone in attendance came to me to inquire who you were and where they can find you. You connected with everyone individually and really made an effort to make everyone in attendance feel like you were there for them.

Now, the quality of the music! Listen, I felt like I was in Los Angeles at a main venue, hosting a prime act. You and the Boys hit it out of the park! I really felt as if I was listening to top recording artist as each song played resonated with energy and emotion. We hired you off of your recordings, but let me say, hearing you live was a entirely different level.

While many artists for smaller events like ours, seem to be interested in getting it over with, you poured your heart out and played as if you were doing what you loved, and everyone felt it!

For ANY future event, we will not consider anyone else but you. You, by far, exceeded our expectations.
Until we have the pleasure of seeing you in person once again, we hope you get all the recognition you deserve.

Respectfully yours,

Don Ferrarese Charitable Foundation

W. Daniel Tate

Thank you Brent for taking the time to talk to us and say hi to our group. Disney has their own magic however, the touch you bring to the
Downtown visitors is a rare magic of it’s own. Walking the street at Downtown Disney there are many displays of entertainment but you and your band offered a vibe that was really quite different. The Main street electrical parade song was absolutely a huge surprise and my kids loved the country side you played. We hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving and a Happy New Year! Thanks again for the amazing night!

Greg and Carla Bledsoe

The show was awesome and the music very nice. I have not heard of Paul Revere and The Raiders in many years. The song took me and my husband back in time and was really good. Thanks for giving us a CD we played it in the car and will be adding it to our rotation for future enjoyment. You and your band are very talented and good at engaging the audience as most bands do not do that. The comedy on the stage was as good as the talent behind the Mics! The cue cards made us laugh what a neat idea!
Thanks again for a very fun night at Downtown Disney!

Denei Gresko

Brent it was very nice meeting you and learning about all the things you do for people.
You were so kind to take a picture with my autistic son. His smile that night will stick in our minds for a long time.
Coming off the stage to sing to us was the thrill of the night and we were truly impressed with not only you but the entire group
as each one had their own talents and blended well with every song played.
We will be back and hope to see you and your group again at Downtown Disney or maybe in Disneyland?

Bill Dorsey Family

Your show was terrific! You had the entire Downtown crowd screaming and jumping my kids couldn’t stop dancing.
We have been down to Downtown before as I visit frequently with my family. We will make sure to come on a country night and see if you will be performing. Your mixture of music is very good and the Disney music was very nice.
The signs that you use to show the audience was very creative and funny!

Jessica and Loraine

Brent your show was spectacular!

Christine and Brad

You are the crowd favorite Brent and the staff favorite!
(wink wink)

Unknown Disney Staff

What a fabulous concert and stellar performance! We were walking back to our Hotel and out of gas physically but, then we heard you singing and stayed for 2 of your shows! Copperhead Road was a very well presented song. I asked about your music and found out that you have several CD’s on the Internet when we landed. I will be buying your music and following your progress. Knowing the history of Disney and creating stars we will be seeing you on the billboards soon! Again your show and music are very memorable and warm.
By the way hats off to whatever Disney Execs found you, you are not the normal show we would expect to see, a very nice change of pace refreshing,
and very down to earth!

Gerry Gibons

You were so kind to everyone we thought we would give you a review!
We are regulars to Downtown Disney and enjoy the vast entertainment all over the park. You are one of a few that seem to really connect with all ages in the crowd. The kids seem to love you and your show, and you gave them sincere time and put a smile on not only their face but all ages especially the moms and dads. Making it a point to shake hands and take pictures with everyone around adds a human networking touch to people.
You ask the audience for their feedback on a couple of songs. Bare Necessities was so cool and your band seemed to really have fun performing it as the audience started singing along!
Sweet Home Alabama was a fun Karaoke moment for the crowd and you being in the audience made it feel real! The rest of your show persuaded us to go out and purchase your music and buy a cowboy outfit (LOL) We found you on Spotify yee pee!
Hope to see you again we will be following you.
Thanks again

Darlene, Pegg, Lisanne, and Will

Mr. Payne sir I wanted to let you know how thoughtful it was for you to come out and speak to my Father. You probably don’t remember but he was the one in the electric wheelchair to your stage right. It was very endearing to say the least at how long you talked with him knowing there was a line of people behind you to get your autograph. He talked about your conversation all the way home. Thanking our veterans is something we all appreciate and honor. Aside from making my Father feel very special  it was very obvious you go the extra mile for everyone and that is such a great humane thing to do. You made the whole crowd feel like they were the special ones. That’s why many stopped and took in the show and then stayed for the next one. Your band is extremely talented and from my vantage point your group has a fun time themselves!
Thanks again from a United States Marine

Eugene United States Combat Veteran
U.S Marine Corps

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